I got paired with Travis for our latest experiment. We only talked for a few minutes, but he seems like he really knows what he wants and where he wants to go.

Travis’s word was ‘creative’. After talking to Travis at the end of class I knew that I wanted to make something fun. Travis mentioned that he wanted to work for Pixar during his introduction. I knew that I wanted to use that.

Side note: I got through these weird phases where I am super into something for a couple days and then it suddenly wears off. Two weeks ago it was baking….

I thought to myself, I’LL MAKE PIXAR CUPCAKES!!!!

Fast forward to yesterday….. I am going on vacation on Tuesday  and will be gone for a week.  I am enrolled in 7 class this semester so I have been getting caught up on all of my homework for the next 2 weeks. BAM everything is done EXCEPT….the cupcakes.

I started thinking about it, and my favorite Pixar movie is Toy Story. Hands down the greatest.

Travis said that he loves chocolate, so making a chocolate cupcake was a no brainer. But then what……. I didnt take pictures so you’ll have to wait until class 🙂


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