Take Away 4

Our last class was a short meeting, but during that time I found that everything is alright in “Leighland”.

FACT: I worry about the small stuff too much. WHY!? The feelings that come with worrying about every little crappy, and usually, unnoticeable detail make me nothing but bitchy and zero fun to be around. I know this. Why I continue to do it……no idea.

During the 30mins or so that we met I was freaking about that my altered book experiement wasn’t going to pass. Then before I know it, it is spiraling into everything that I have to change during the week to make time for making a book “masterpiece”. Then some magical clouds or something opened up and I had a moment of calm and collecting clarity.  If this is the biggest thing that I am worrying about at the moment, then life must me okay in Leighland.


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