Garden of Bricks

I realize when we talk about our altered books in class that I mine may be looked at as “cheating”. The assignment was to take a book and turn it into something else, with a postive impact. I was sick during the class that this topic was first brought up. I glanced at the assignment on my phone early the next week. I could not pull up the links so I had a little while to think about the assignment without any examples to back it up.

I came up with an idea that had nothing to do with using an actual book.


I wanted to turn the ideas associated with books into something else. They are usually seen indoors, on a neat shelt. They  don’t get dirty and they don’t see weather. I love my yard, and I love to read.  So, I brought them together.

After class last week, I realized that I kind of had things a little backwards. I had a moment of panic and then I realized that this could still work, and if it didn’t….F it. I have some cool yard additions.





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